Castle Lake pollution

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

 I just returned from an evening of dinner, kayaking and sight seeing with my husband at Castle Lake. We have been participating in this summer ritual for 27 years. Now we share the privilege with our children and friends.

We have always been proud of the limnology lab and it has been a bragging point for visiting friends.

We appreciate the research and valuable understanding of natural high altitude lakes. As an educator my husband took a group of high school students for a tour and visit years ago.

My reason for writing this has to do with a level of visual pollution that gradually increases each year at Castle Lake.

Initially, the limnology lab set up a hand full of traps through-out the lake which were mere metal pyramids, next came the cage like pyramids and slowly the traps have increased in size, height, quantity, color and overall unsightliness.

My questions related to their existence are: what do next years traps look like and the ones the year after? Is research more important than aesthetics? Do plastic contraptions (placed in the name of science) that are visually worse than beer cans and water bottles take greater priority than the natural beauty of the lake?

I look forward to a decrease in trap size and trap quantity and hope that resourcefulness and creativity, a driving force of the scientific mind, can find a way to change the horizon line of Castle Lake to what it was many years ago.

I have sent a similar letter to the UC Davis limnology lab and encourage concerned nature lovers to do the same.



Dawn Fryling