This nation is not going to be ruled by tyranny, fear and intimidation

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald
  • Editor’s note: Because of a typesetting error, a line of text was inadvertently left out of the final paragraph of Eric Matthews’ letter in the July 16, 2008 editions of Mt. Shasta Area Newspapers. The following is correct:

Dear Editor,

Just as we have demonstrated with one of the proudest and most patriotic statements of our lives with the Vets Against War entry in the Fourth of July parade, we are also ashamed of the small minority who oppose such displays of free speech as inappropriate.

The founding fathers would have been proud of our efforts to awaken a nation that has become so apathetic that they can’t recognize the betrayal of their democracy and moral standards by an illegitimate government installed by special interests, not democratic process.

If there was an active military draft, many of you sitting on the fence would now join in with a loud concerned protest.

But, there isn’t and even if there was as with so many wars, those with the most to gain will sacrifice the least, especially if it involves their offspring serving in dangerous conflict.

Chickenhawks (those who love war as long as someone else does the dirty work and dying) in their vision of a new America are quick to start a war and will not even hesitate to denigrate our warriors who have given real blood, sweat and tears for this great country.

All along the parade route we were greeted by a majority of heartfelt applause, thank yous, salutes and praise. If you were there, you witnessed an outpouring of gratitude.

A small number of the viewers claimed that our march was out of place and should have been held elsewhere out of sight. Tyranny likes that, but this nation is not going to be ruled by tyranny, fear and intimidation, it still has some semblance of democracy and may “By the people” prevail. If not, we are done as a great nation.

Join us, thank you,

Eric Matthews

Mount Shasta