Death, rebirth of McCloud

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

I lived in McCloud from the day I was born in 1987 until I moved to Mount Shasta in 2003.

McCloud used to be a wonderful town where one could raise a family and not worry about money problems.

This was due to the mill and railroad. Both of which produced and transported one of our areas most abundant resources — lumber.

Sadly I have watched my hometown die over the years, with the halt of the mill, to the rapid slowdown of the railroad.

I have seen attendance of town events decrease, businesses roll up their doors, and longtime residents move away.

Nestle could potentially give the town the boost it needs for a possible rebirth. Water as lumber is another one of our resources and lots of it goes to waste.

If you walk to the water storage tank by Si-Si camp north of town you will see an overflow of water from the tank, which flows into Squaw Creek.

Why should we not utilize this extra water for a good cause and let McCloud live?

Chad Henson

Mount Shasta