Giving away our water

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

In response to Chad’s letter last week about McCloud, I’d like to throw my two cents in.

I have lived in McCloud for over four years — I must say I don’t think McCloud is dead — I think it’s still a wonderful place to live.

I know it’s true that people have had to leave after the mill closed, and that the town has seen better times.

What concerns me is giving away the charm of the town to bring in $10 an hour jobs that no family can live on. There are jobs at other water bottling facilities in our county; have those jobs revitalized those towns?

What also concerns me is the future of water for our area. Last week’s article about the glaciers of Shasta increasing in size sounded encouraging, until the last paragraph, that stated, “The study concluded that as rates of temperature and precipitation increase… there will probably be a loss of most of Mt. Shasta’s glacier volume over the next 50 years with a near total loss by the end of the century regardless of the current anomalous trend.”

If experts are saying that now, how can we advocate the sale of our finite water source for 50-100 years?

You are right — water is wasted in many ways. We could be storing up more water for the future, making better use of the water we have access to now, and other things.

But to look at the scientific data about our water’s source and taking a chance on trucking it away is not how I’d like to see my water supply managed.

I have hope that there are solutions for McCloud that will address all of our concerns without putting our water in jeopardy.


Robin Singler