War as the answer

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

Recently, many letters were printed regarding the march against the war in the Fourth of July parade. While there was disagreement about whether or not the demonstration was appropriate for the holiday celebration, all agreed that the vets had the right to express their opinion.

I read the letters carefully. There were obviously multiple issues at play. Should the vets have marched? Is peace good? Is war bad? Should we ever fight? Is this war justified? These larger issues is where the debate rages.

It’s probably safe to say that we all prefer peace to war. For some people, that’s all there is to it, and their thinking stops there.

For others however, it’s more complicated. There has never been universal peace. Men have always had to fight to get and keep their freedom. There is always someone or some force out there which wants to impose its will over others. That’s reality.

One letter writer said that war is not the answer. That’s not always true. Sometimes war is the answer.

Fighting got us our independence, ended slavery and preserved our union, defeated the axis, checked communism, and is now helping to protect the world from religious fanaticism. The sad truth is, war is often a necessary evil.

Those who support the war are not “war mongers” in the sense that they want war. We all prefer peace.

The only reason many of us support this war is that we hope for an outcome that will bring the blessings of democracy and tolerance, blessings too many of us take for granted, to a people who have never known these things.

If we are successful, the dynamics of an entire region could be changed for the better.

These are worthy goals, and the “peace” people should consider them.

Alex Landi

Mount Shasta