Disheartened by delay

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

There are many people in the town of McCloud who, while quiet about it, support the Nestle project and have been disheartened to see it delayed time and time again by a well-funded opposition group with an agenda that does not center around what is best for our community.

It is time for us all to recognize a couple of facts about the very vocal opponents of this project.

First, many of them do not live full-time in McCloud, yet feel that they have the right to come into the town and tell us what’s best.

Second, their funding comes from outside our community — it is from statewide and national environmental organizations and foundations with goals that extend far beyond McCloud.

Third, it is many of these people who are responsible for setting the contentious and unproductive tone that exists in our town and for creating an atmosphere that is harmful to our community.

There are lots of people in this community who have expressed their support for this project in a civil, respectful manner.

I think I speak for many of them when I say that we really hope that the opposition can take a deep breath, understand that this is an issue about the future of McCloud for McCloud residents to decide — not Nestle, not wealthy environmental groups, and not fly fisherman from San Francisco.

We are asking you to make a commitment to respect those of us who support this project so that McCloud residents can have an informed dialogue about our future.


Norma Jean Stone