Honest people

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

I recently had a problem with something draining the battery in my car. I went back to Les Schwab in Weed where I had purchased the battery in July. Larry couldn’t find anything wrong but replaced the battery anyway. Thank you!

But that wasn’t the problem. Kelly from city hall made a special trip to loan me his battery charger which enabled me to get the car to J.B. Auto Repair in Weed.

Within an hour Jake called. He found a light in the back seat which my great-grandson had turned on, but I didn’t see. My bill — no charge. Thank you!

There are others who went out of their way to help. You know who you are and you are so appreciated.

What a wonderful comfort to know that there are such honest and caring people in our town.

Mahalo plenty,

Vivian L. Mauden