Crippled government

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

A recent letters to the editor titled “Moral foundation” advocated a need for more religion in our Government and society.

 This country was created by people coming to America to escape the oppressive Church of England.

The letter attempts to obfuscate blame for the current national and worldwide financial catastrophe.  It goes so far as to state the current Obama Administration shares responsibility.

For eight long years, with the pedantic support of religious ideologues, conservatives, and Republicans, the Bush Administration systematically laid waste to our country and the World.

Bush inherited a projected surplus and left this country with the largest Federal deficit in history.

The Bush Administration failed to protect us on September 11, 2001, failed to find and capture Osama Bin Laden, lied us into war in Iraq, and failed an entire U.S. city leaving over one thousand to drown or die of thirst.

The Bush Administration exposed a CIA operative, destroying a covert program that monitored nuclear proliferation in the Middle-East, and placed the lives of other covert agents in jeopardy, intentionally!

Bush called opponents traitors and preached support the troops while his Administration and the Republican Congress cut benefits for Veterans and families of active servicepersons.

They championed No Child Left Behind while cutting education funding.

They treated the Constitution and the Geneva Convention with contempt while spying on Americans and torturing and murdering detainees.

We are finally free from an Administration that brought us eight years of criminal behavior, treasonous lawlessness, international shame, and a crippled government regulatory system that left this country and world in ruinous condition.

And now, the Republican Party, vociferous advocates of personal responsibility, wants nothing to do with the consequences of their rule.

If George Bush, the worst President ever, is not to blame, then it’s nobody’s fault.

Freeman Waters

Mount Shasta