Fish plant

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

Cast your vote for the Fish Plant Program.

This season the Department of Fish and Game did not stock 23 lakes and streams in Siskiyou County. The public comment period ends Nov. 16 pertaining to the law suit against the Department of Fish and Game which was filed by the Pacific Rivers Council, etal.

It takes just a few minutes to write a brief note to Jim Starr, 830 “S” Street, Sacramento, CA 95811, showing your support for the fish plant.

I urge everybody to write and express your opinion.

The Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement can be viewed at: www.dfg.ca.gov/news/pubnotice/hatchery

For additional information contact Dale Payne, program director for fish plants, Top of the State Unit of Back County Horsemen of California at 435-2346.

Dale Payne