Letter to the Editor: Supports the WCRC

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

Being a newcomer to the area, it's been a gift, nay, lifesaver to have family/community resource center in Weed, California. Relocating from Richmond, Virginia this past December has educated me and renewed my faith in people working together for the benefit of the whole. In the bluntness of respects: people are neither shunned nor disrespected for current challenges being experienced mentally, socially, or economically.

With current challenges of “perspectives,” rumors, and viscous attempts to quell the generosity of the center it is imperative that the citizens of this city learn the true uniqueness of what exists for them here. No other city I've lived in has a stable community oriented facilitate. Any attempts in the majority of large cities aiming to bring such a project are diced up strictly for-profit.

Being a volunteer for this center brought to me a home away from home family and saved my husband's life. There are no words of gratitude in existence to convey for WCRC. Please community, commit to the quality of your center by re-discovering the purpose of the center yourself. Support it by volunteering, teaching, or serving lunches. Above all, ask yourself “what is the price of not having our community center?”

Rachel Richmond