Letter to the Editor: Zoning threat

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

It is quiet now, while T-Mobile and the McCloud Railroad digest how much they have upset our community, with now over 2,500 signatures and over 80 businesses opposed to their cell tower project. But the dragon is not asleep.

Please remember that this is not just about a few subscribers who may get better cell service, or may not.

This is about a 93 foot tall permanent scar on our beautiful mountain gateway, the Everitt Memorial Highway. This is our mountain access road which is used daily by us and all of our national and international visitors.

This is also about the first of possibly several infringements on the historic McCloud River Railroad corridor, which was pivotal in the sculpting of our community. This historic right-of-way holds much more potential value than could ever be derived from the monthly tower rent.

But perhaps the biggest of all – this is about the threat to the sanctity of RES-1 zoning, the county’s promise to be safe in our own homes.

There is no possible way to honestly justify installing a 93 foot tall industrial monstrosity in a residential neighborhood, when we live in a county that has more land area per capita than most of the entire habitable world.

The inappropriateness of this application is blatant. It is certain that together we can find appropriate locations for wireless infrastructure. This is not one of them.

Please urge the county planners and supervisors to deny this use permit and consider an updated cell tower ordinance that will satisfy all.

Alex Hogstrom

Mount Shasta