Letter to the editor: Heartbroken

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

To whom it may concern:

On the morning of Jan. 16 a senseless act was committed to our family. Our beloved Pomeranian “Savy Boy” was shot and killed basically in our own backyard.

My family owns five acres on North Old Stage and I am sure, like many of you who live in the area, you allow your dogs to roam about your property as they please.

As our dog was walking along the railroad tracks that border our land, doing as he always does, he was carelessly shot. We believe he was shot with a .22 by someone who thought it would be funny to take shots at the wildlife in the meadow.

Not only are we devastated by the loss of our dog but concerned as well.

From our window we can see the area of tracks in which the shooting took place. My husband and I have two young boys and we love nothing more than playing with them in our backyard, which we happened to be doing on the day of the incident, when we found our Savy dead.

Firing a weapon at anyone’s pet is sickening all on its own, yet in the vicinity of my home where I have to worry about my children possibly being shot is horrifying.

This letter is intended to let others know of the incident that my family should not have had to endure. We are aware that the sick person who did this will more than likely not be caught.

I am sure like many others our dog was a member of our family and will be deeply missed. If anyone has any information please contact the sheriffs office or myself.


Bonnie Hensley and family

Mount Shasta