Letter to the editor: Not all teachers agree

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Not all teachers agree

Dear Editor,

Regarding the article “SUHSD Teachers,” Jan. 17, about some of Siskiyou Union High School District teachers’ comments during the January board meeting, it is important to add the following information.

Roughly half of the SUHSD teachers choose to be in the California Teachers Association. Of those, 27 participated in the 17-7-3 (three abstentions) vote. It was then reported that “teachers” were in opposition to the leadership configuration. In fact the vote had to do with one specific issue well within the re-organization topic.

This issue related specifically to school counselors (one at Weed and one at Mount Shasta High School) asking to be removed from the SUHSD CTA due to new roles as acting administrators when principals are off campus, not the re-organization plan in general which was never subject to CTA approval and was approved by the school board on June 27.

In fact many of our teachers support the leadership re-organization plan for the district. It frees over $130,000 in order to accomplish both a savings to the annual budget and to move forward our district’s goals of more collective leadership.

By law our local representatives in the California Teacher’s Union control salary negotiations for our district although close to half of our faculty members choose not to join due to philosophical or religious differences. Many of us also question the CTA’s current proposal for a 10 percent salary increase and an increase in benefits as well.

In an economic time where our county is struggling with high unemployment rates and our schools have lost programs, teachers and classroom funding, we prefer that any added compensation be paired with added responsibilities that further our ability to provide effective instruction for all students.

We are excited about the opportunity to take on new roles and to work with our district’s leadership. Teachers are a great resource for both instructional and leadership challenges.

Mariah Goodrich-Jones

Barbara A Porteous

Greg Eastman

Steve Abbott

Mount Shasta High School