Letter to the Editor: Bear in the yard

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Dear Editor,

I bought a house here in Weed almost three years ago and have been dealing with a bear in and through my yard on a regular basis. It’s not so much the fact that she breaks my ceder fence when she climbs over it, or the bags of trash that she drags behind my house to open and scatter about – it’s the cubs that she has with her and the danger it poses.

The last two seasons she had one cub who is now weaned and on its own to reproduce.

As the population grows, “our bear” has a pair of twins in tow this year. The cubs are with (or near) her at all times, and we all know that you don’t get between a mother and her cub(s) – it would not be a pretty sight.

I have called the Sheriff’s office and Fish and Game – who both say that there is nothing that we can do until she hurts someone – why should someone get hurt, maimed, or killed first?

I really feel that she (and family) should be relocated. She does not belong in the city where there are children and pets running about. She scaled a seven foot fence a few days ago to get into my neighbor’s yard in broad daylight, so how are children or pets to be safe even in their own yards?

Everyone on my street has had dealings with her. I don’t want to wait for the time when someone is in the wrong place (according to the bear) and be attacked. It is a matter of public safety and it should not be ignored.

Cathy (Higgs) Allain