Letter to the editor: Great care

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

On Monday, March 18, our 10-year old grandson hurt his leg while sledding at Bunny Flat. He and his siblings were with my husband and me for a spring break vacation. My husband could tell that the injury was serious, and that we needed to get him to the hospital.

Enter the people of Mt. Shasta. We were so grateful to all of you who helped us. First, it was Ryan and Aaron who were working at Bunny Flat that day. They stopped what they were doing and expertly placed our grandson on a litter to get him safely down the hill.

Next, we met the emergency personnel at Mercy Medical Center. The nurse reassured our grandson that everything was going to be fine. The x-ray technician came to the room so our grandson didn’t have to be moved again. It was then that we discovered he had a spiral fracture of the tibia.

The rest of the afternoon we were treated kindly and competently. We were kept informed with each step in our grandson’s treatment. The nurses, the anesthesiologists and Dr. Guthrie calmed our nerves and took great care of our grandson.

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!

Marilyn Benedetti