Letter to the editor: In the dark! Why?

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The situation of City of Mount Shasta’s garbage collection, from John Smith Sanitation, outsourced to Burney Disposal, outside of city/county concerns me. Fees by residents/ businesses for garbage pick up, will be going to another county. City council/chamber highlight we support local businesses, keeping revenue local. So why? I experienced high quality service from Smith – going extra miles to accommodate customers. Remember how Smith stepped up, in February 2017, during late night fire at the dump and drove garbage to Yreka seamlessly for months.

The city is now requiring garbage be out by 5 a.m. , or put out the night before. Interviews with CFW and HSUS show this is not a good idea. California Fish and Wildlife Biologist Jeff Villepique,10/16/2014 with Mike Harris, Lake Arrowhead, Calif. Mountain News:

“Bears are just eating machines,” “Bears are omnivores; they’ll eat what’s available. They just wander and take what’s easily available to them.”

“Please do not leave food and trash accessible to these animals,” Villepique said. “Not only is it unlawful and a citation can be issued, but having bears become habituated to trash and humans often means the bear will have to be destroyed. Nuisance or trash bears are not relocated!” This means they are killed.

And from The Humane Society of the United States website:

“Make trash cans inaccessible ( to the bears/wildlife) bring them in at night.”

Should the city proceed with the 5 a.m. trash out time or force garbage out the night before, and consequences occur to either wildlife/humans/property or citations given, the City is responsible, as this is an intentional act, by the city, having prior knowledge of the potential harm this may cause. We are in the dark on the why of this matter, and more, than just at 5 a.m.

Doug Dahl

Dunsmuir (also owns Mount Shasta property)