Letters to the editor: Future concerns

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Future concerns

I have been a delighted citizen of Mount Shasta since 1996. What a privilege it has been to live surrounded by majesty and so many wonderful people and marvelous musicians.

I am really concerned for the future of what I believe is the best place to live in California. I am against any decision by the city council that would turn Mount Shasta into a hub for growing and processing cannabis. Such a move would completely undermine any wholesome atmosphere we’re blessed with and would change this community into a hedonistic escapist Mecca.

I can’t imagine parents would want to bring their children to Mount Shasta for the Fourth of July weekend and have them wander around in a blue haze.

In 60 years, Detroit, Michigan went from one fo the richest and most successful cities in the U.S. to one of the poorest because of one long line of bad decisions. Citizens made bad decisions by electing self-serving representatives, and the self-serving representatives made bad decisions by forgetting about the sovereignty of the citizens and the servitude of elected officials. Being a representative is not about power and success, but is about maintaining a free and wholesome environment for those voting and paying taxes.

Money doesn’t replace good decision making skills, discipline, hard work and ethics. I surely hope we can get through this rough water without sinking our ship.

Jim Crabtree

Mount Shasta