Letters to the editor: Protect our kids

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

We have been hearing so much about protecting our kids these days. It is vital that we do look out for our children and the collective future they are facing because of critical planetary conditions that humanity has altered for the worse. We notice jets spraying “aerosols” in our skies as a “band-aid” remedy for what? To cool the earth and offset global warming? The oil industry continues to search for more oil to burn instead of using its vast wealth to help us transition to a carbon-free economy.

If we are serious about protecting our kids, it would be well for us to opt out of this oil-based transportation economy that we find ourselves mired in and look into the many transportation alternatives of electric vehicles becoming available today.

While those of us who are conscious enough to be buying and driving electric vehicles, the rest of us can be working on and thinking about building a nice non-polluting mass transit system to help offset climate calamity just around the corner.

Randy Bofinger

Mount Shasta