Letters to the editor: All spokes on the same wheel

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

It’s high time that we, wise citizens of Siskiyou County, take meaningful action to stem the grisly tide of religious vengeance and retribution. In that regard I call upon the leaders of all faiths in our great county to convene a gathering, the purpose of which is to espouse the concept of freedom of religious choice and practice, and to condemn any form of religious violence.

I hold that religions are all spokes on the same wheel seeking the same center. Since we are all inherently different persons there are many different spokes on the wheel; the center is the same. As individuals we simply chose the spoke which harmonizes with our personal beliefs, a path are comfortable following.

Once the gathering concludes and the joint statement is released I would ask that the various clerics to send the joint manifesto to their religious colleagues nationwide to broadcast the virtues of mutual respect and harmony within all our American communities.

John P. Brennan

Hammond Ranch