Letters to the editor: AMEN thank you

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The members of the Mount Shasta Seventh-day Adventist Church and the sponsors of last week’s AMEN Free Clinic wish to express our appreciation to members of our community and visiting volunteers who helped make this event possible.

Community Partners: Dave Cattani; Debbie Desrochers; Duane Brooks, OD; Jackie Hitchcock, OO; Jane Mapes, RN; Jolene & Jim Cross; Joyce & Ted Taylor, DDS; Knight Starr; Lois Bastion, RDA; Loraine Linnett, LVN; Mary Green; Mt. Shasta Ambulance; Nancy Buck, RN; Stephane & Neil Posson, RPT; Susan Snyder; Tree House Best Western and Wendy Berg.

Visiting Volunteers: Cara Dewsberry, CDA (Eureka); Wilmer Hechanova, DDS(Smith River); Lawrence Johanson, DDS (McKinleyville); Kelly Kinsley, MD (McKinleyville); Anya Kinsley, RN (McKinleyville); Robert Phang, DDS (Smith River); Dawna Sawatzky (Willits); Ben Woodruff (Yreka); Norma & Bob Werner (McKinleyville) and Tina Aarons (McKinleyville).

Good hearts and acts of kindness made life better for lots of folks. It couldn’t have happened without you.

Ed Miller, MD

Clinic Director