Letters to the editor: What's in the news?

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

“Reality is more than the physical universe,” states the Institute of Noetic Science (or the Study of Consciousness). But try as I might, I have not found anything about this other half of life, this invisible reality. A man asked me recently, “What’s an aura?” I responded that an aura is the radiation of energy coming from its source, whether from a human or any other form. Some people can see it. Auras certainly are measurable and photographic. Is that ever in the news?

Or how about dreams that come true? Is that interesting enough to be in the news? Most importantly, as people awaken to their Real Self and discover we are all part of One Mind, and we all think out of the same Mind, that's really big news, since it precedes the very gradual end of hate, greed, anger, war, and anything that is not of this One Mind called Love. We all share it, but most are not conscious of it. Where in the exclusive, outer-reporting news media can we read about this?

But if you are already aware of this other half of Life and are using it to be in Oneness, don't take it personally. In fact, the daily news is not the only limited reporting. Do you realize all of history, biology, and evolution pertain only to the outer world? It is rare that we hear about the inner world.

Rev. Dr. Eleanor Richard