Letters to the editor: Unnecessary war

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

President Trump wants to get us into a war against Iran. He claims Iran is a threat to our country. Trump and John Bolton are the only strong supporters of this war.

There are several reasons to not fight Iran. Iran has not attacked us and poses no direct threat to us. The only countries that support this war are Israel and Saudi Arabia. No European country will support this war. Iran has a strong military, several allies and would be a formidable opponent. We already have an enormous national debt (Trump’s tax cuts} and our taxes would go up. The last two wars we have gone into for no valid reason (Viet Nam and Iraq) have been disasters. Trump is extremely impulsive, has a poor track record of examining long-term consequences and would be incompetent as a war president.

Trump’s real reason for attacking Iran is to distract us from his incompetence and to avoid impeachment. He knows that no US president has ever been voted out of office during a war.

We cannot afford to get into another unnecessary war. Please contact Representative Doug LaMalfa (phone number 530-223-5898) and state you are against this unnecessary war.

Neil Posson

Mount Shasta