Letters to the editor: Fireworks thoughts

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

You have got to be kidding.

I noticed today that once again the sports boosters are setting up their fireworks shack. After having just gone through the worst wildfire season in the history of California, in which entire communities across the state were completely destroyed, why in the world would anyone even think about selling fireworks in the middle of our area?

There has already been a fire in Butte County started by a sparkler and just last week a fire near Happy Camp. Are we to be next?

In this day and age, isn’t it time to use the grey matter between our ears and come up with alternative fundraising ideas? How about crab feeds, spaghetti feeds or maybe having the kids go out and earn some money and pooling it together.

There are lots of folks around town looking for help all year long. I know it’s a novel idea, but after all it is for them. Shoveling snow in the winter and clearing brush and helping seniors all year long.

I know that the fireworks companies say they cover the insurance, but heaven forbid a fire starts and I will bet you every liability lawyer in the country will be here. Just me and my wife’s thoughts.

John and Merilee Flynn

Mount Shasta