Letters to the editor: Ban fireworks

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

I’m expressing my concern and the concern of many other citizens regarding the sale and use of fireworks in Mount Shasta (and actually in all of Siskiyou County). Being that we are a forested area and that we have experienced extreme fire conditions over the past recent years, it seems to be common sense that Mount Shasta City prohibits the sale and use of fireworks as have our neighbors in Shasta County. There are fines attached to such use!

As you know, many local citizens were traumatized by the smoke and fires of the summer of 2018. We’ve witnessed what happened in Paradise and the Carr Fire and all of the other serious fire incidents. The losses of lives and homes, the damage to forests. All it takes is one spark.

I hope that someone who has authority is taking action to ban fireworks this fourth of July and hereafter in forested areas.

Christine O’Brien

Mount Shasta