Letters to the editor: Killing barred owls

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The government is killing thousands of beautiful barred owls to protect doomed spotted owls They hired an ethicist to sooth their conscious. Of course, he said, yes, you are ethical. But they know damn well otherwise.

The government has failed to stop the decline of the spotted owl. They threw loggers out of business and destroyed communities. Of course, humans are inferior to spotted owls.

But the barred owl is not inferior. They are well adapted to current environmental conditions. The millions of acres locked up to protect spotted owls will burn like crazy. Managed forests provide new habitat for spotted owls. They are found in thinned forests. So are barred owls.

Killing precious barred owls will not stop the decline of spotted owls. So why is the government doing it? Because that’s what we pay them to do. And so called environmentalists cheered them on.

Charles McDonald

Mount Shasta