Letters to the editor: Sisson class sizes

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

As a junior high 7th grade teacher at Sisson School for 30 years, I have found this year to have the largest class sizes in grades 6,7,8 I have ever experienced.

Teachers creating meaningful connections with students is one of primary factors that contribute to quality education for our children. Low class size is directly related to meeting the diverse needs of all our students. Over the past several years, we tend to have three 5th grade classes. The problem is that these 5 th grade classes funnel into two sixth grade classes, two 7th grade, and two eighth grade classes!

Here is our current class sizes:

5th grade: 24, 22, 21

6th grade:  31, 32

7th grade: 33, 32

8th grade: 31, 32 

The state mandates our school maintains 4% in district reserves. Our district is projected to close this school year with 17.9% or $1.1 million ... four and a half times over the minimum. This is a travesty. We need more teachers now to reduce class sizes at the junior high in order to maximize student education.

If you have concerns please come to the next school board meeting Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 7 p.m. to voice your concerns in support for reducing class sizes. Teachers and, especially students, need your support. Thank you.

Michael Savarese

Mount Shasta