Letters to the editor: Too Loud

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The Blackberry festival was a great hit for a huge crowd, but not for someone with normal hearing (age 74, been careful) who didn’t want to attend a dynamite-loud blasting band who made my ears hurt and my whole body vibrate.

A distance away from the band a conversation with an old friend was not possible, and she and her friend were as unhappy as I was. How about titling it honestly as the Blackberry Rock Festival, and I will preserve my hearing and stay away.

Did you know that hearing loss can occur with only one short exposure to very loud noise?

Why were so many dogs allowed in when it was clearly signed “No Dogs Allowed?” That level of noise is incredibly distressing to dogs with their hearing so sensitive, and it's not the right place even if dogs are allowed. How about enforcing your rules? Exposure to loud noise is your choice, and any consequences to your hearing. But your dogs have no choice. That kind of noise will hurt them.

I should also include children’s exposure to severely loud noise on young developing hearing. That certainly is not right, and they also have no choice.

Why don’t you have any kind of festivals that feature country/bluegrass/western old-time fiddle style music? It brings in large crowds too, and the atmosphere is relaxing and fun, where families play instruments together, kids learn to play from the pros who love to share with them or adults learning to play an instrument also. Check out the McCloud Bluegrass Festival, we love to go to that. A festival like that really is good to keep you young, and good for your family.

Barbara Coulter

Mount Shasta