Letters to the Editor: Not another Dahle

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Come Nov. 5, we have the chance to bring a new voice to the north state, by electing Elizabeth Betancourt to our State Assembly seat.

She is a local farmer from Shasta County, a small business owner and an advocate for our whole region. What we do not need is Megan Dahle’s voice, which will mirror that of her husband, Brian Dahle.

It is beyond belief that the most qualified person to serve us in the Assembly, from the over 400,000 people in our district, just happens to reside with our last Assemblyman and current Senator, in the same house, from the same small town of Bieber, in one of the smallest counties of our district.

The far north state only gets two seats at the table in Sacramento and we deserve representation that reflects the diversity of our constituency. I will quote the letter sent in to the Siskiyou Daily News, by Republican Louise Gliatto, August 7, 2019, “Why should one family hold sway over an entire district composed of thousands of families.”

I agree with Louise, let’s elect someone outside of the Dahle family, and expand our representation.

Elizabeth Betancourt’s voice in the Legislature will highlight the knowledge, experience and education of our people. Visit betancourtforassembly.com to see her plans to work for our district.

Alice Rogers

Mount Shasta