Letters to the editor: Fire risk

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

It is time to get serious about fire danger. Our summers are getting longer, hotter, and drier and the number and severity of wildfires are increasing. We urgently need to decrease the risk from wildfires. The question is how to most effectively use the limited money and resources available.

The most critical risk is that our major roads are not safe for rapid evacuation of people and rapid access of fire trucks when there is a big fire. Many of our major roads will be impassable during a large fire. A few burning trees or branches on most roads will close the roads and doom anyone who depends on the roads for rapid escape. A minimum of twenty to thirty feet of clearance on both sides of major roads is necessary to provide safe passage if there is a major fire.

I recommend we first spend our money and resources on clearing major egress and ingress routes before we work on anything else. Clearing little used roads or relatively small patches of land is a waste of time and resources.

Please contact your city, county and state officials and ask them to immediately allocate serious funds to clear the areas surrounding our major roads.

Neil Posson

Mount Shasta