Letters to the editor: Excited for Betancourt

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

I’m excited to vote for Elizabeth Betancourt for State Assembly because she is honest, qualified, and will represent everyone in our District.

A refreshing change from politics as usual, Elizabeth is honest and ethical, and takes no contributions from special interests; believing that personal integrity translates to transparency in government to best serve everyone. She is dedicated to public service with a positive vision for the future.

Elizabeth is a watershed scientist, farmer, and small-business owner with a strong work ethic. She has years of experience working throughout Northern California with state and local partners to protect our forests and water resources, while addressing the elevated risk of wildfires. An advocate for smart government, she will push to bring tax dollars back to local communities, revitalize economies, innovate for sustainable technology and development, and good jobs in our forests and communities while protecting what we love.

Elizabeth respects all viewpoints and has shown that collective dialogue is the best way to get things done fairly and equitably. For example, as a water quality expert, she advocates for small farmers and rural landholders facing serious water issues. Likewise, she has served as Director on a resource conservation board and on a city advisory committee, and understands that smart budgeting will best deliver sustainable projects for both urban and rural constituents, and help solve kitchen table issues, while saving for future needs.

In summary, Elizabeth Betancourt is trustworthy, has the qualifications and experience we need, and will work for all of us regardless of party affiliation or viewpoint. She has demonstrated she understands urban and rural issues and is dedicated to building a positive future through her vision of service, hard work and responsible stewardship.

Vote Betancourt for Assembly on Nov. 5!

Sandy Sullivan

Mount Shasta