Letters to the editor: Send Betancourt

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

During the recent primary, one letter to the editor suggested that Democrats should vote for the best qualified Republican rather than waste their vote on a Democrat that probably wouldn’t win in this Republican district.

By the same logic, I would now suggest all Republicans should not waste their vote on a Republican but instead vote for the Democrat.

The California Assembly consists of 62 Democrats and 17 Republicans. Why bother sending a Republican to Sacramento to twiddle her thumbs along with her 17 other thumb twiddlers who can do nothing as the Democratic supermajority decides all the state’s business.

Instead send Elizabeth Betancourt, who can actually best provide a voice for our rural district’s interests within the mostly urban governing Democratic caucus. Besides, she is the better candidate with far more credentials thatn simply being someone married to a politician.

Neil Heiman