Letters to the editor: The goodness of life

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

I lost my scarf along the Lake Siskiyou trail; it was my mother’s, and my favorite. I returned the following day to see if I could find it. Sure enough, a kind person had laid it over an oak sapling right by the trail.

I’ve noticed many times that when a hiker drops a useful item, someone will pick it up and leave it in an obvious place. A close second is picking up a piece of trash to leave the trail pristine. And we often read in these letters a thank you from someone whose wallet was returned, whose car was fixed after hours, and other happy tales. Not everything is like this of course; but we live in a community where such acts of kindness are almost routine, and they deserve to be honored and celebrated.

Thanks to all who contribute to the goodness of life in these and all other ways.

Joanna Cherry

Mount Shasta