OPINION: Ibuprofen question (and answer)

Submitted by Barbara Wagner, Mount Shasta

Thank you so much for the March 25, 2020 opinion piece by Dr. Nathan Parker on COVID-19. Perhaps a medical professional could comment on the info below. Thanks for considering. This is anecdotal evidence, nevertheless, worth keeping an eye on for conclusive evidence.

I received this audio message this morning from a doctor, Director of Pulmonary Dept. Harvard Medical School and Hospital. He has been treating COVID patients in ICU and has validated this info.

“Vast majority of people who died had ibuprofen or Advil in their system. Do not take it.

If you have symptoms, take paracetamol, acetaminophen, Tylenol only.

Virus thrives on ibuprofen. So, don’t do it.”

Dr. Nathan Parker’s response

I am aware of the discussion of ibuprofen being potentially harmful to COVID patients. Unfortunately all we have is anecdotal evidence at best at this point, and some contradicting evidence as well. I am very hesitant to recommend that everyone not take ibuprofen based on what we know currently. Correlation does not equal causation, and we have been in this position many times before in the course of history, with what appeared to be promising treatments, only to find out we were doing harm and vice versa. Not to say this wont eventually prove to be a harmful link, but I am going to stop short of making a recommendation without strong evidence.

The CDC and WHO are also aware of the possible link, and their most up to date statements do not suggest avoiding ibuprofen. Of course this is a rapidly evolving subject and may change at any moment, and just like you are, I am following the news and science daily if not hourly. Please stay safe.