Letters to the editor: You're gonna die

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

You're gonna die.

If you're reading this, I can absolutely guarantee that you will die. I'm OK with that eventuality, especially as it pertains to you. That doesn't mean I'm in a hurry to vacate the planet. That I'll rush out to test my luck with COVID-19 in a crowded theater.

I'm in a high-risk age group. 71, if you must know. Gasping for breath does not appeal to me. The constitutional right to travel does. When I travel, I put myself, and others, at increased risk. My truck weighs 10,000 pounds. Yes, I'm licensed. Yes, I'm insured. Never the less, every time I drive, there is greater risk than if I stayed home.

The question becomes how much risk are we willing to take. And, just as important, do we understand that risk? Once a year, I like to do a tandem sky dive. Statistically, from my research, one jump = about 2,000 miles by car. Some agoraphobics consider that too risky; most of us do not, at least not the car. We don’t know the actual risk of the virus. I know, you'll say: “You don't have a right to endanger others.” I beg to differ.

We all have that right ... up to a point. I'm willing to risk travel. It is my constitutional right. Is this virus just cause to suspend that right? I don't think so. If you choose to stay home, that's your choice. If I choose not to, that's my choice. I will wear a mask in public; that seems respectful.

John Palmer