Letters to the editor: The new norm

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

If the new norm means:

that people can work remotely from home 3 days/week, lessening traffic and pollution in our cities,

and that urban dwellers lives improve because of it,

that businesses receive incentives for this change and employees tax breaks for working from home.

If the new norm means :

that our senior citizens can shop at designated times more safely and comfortably

If the new norm means:

that healthcare workers are recognized for similar risks they take every day serving the sick,

that our healthcare systems are funded to provide better care and protect the workers,

that the pharmaceutical and insurance companies evaluate their motives and temper their financial gains,

and that the disparities in delivery of care are acknowledged and addressed,

If the new norm means:

that we wash our hands before we eat

If the new norm means:

that businesses will prevent greed and hoarding next time around and a sense of community and shared responsibility rises in it’s place,

that we check on our elderly and disabled neighbors

and spend more time with our families,

If the new norm means:

that less automobile and air traffic pollution allows our Mother Earth to heal,

And, if the new norm means:

that we increase our awareness of our interdependence

and that the people of Spain who clap from their balconies every night to honor each other

inspires community and loving energy anywhere else in our world,

Then for this COVID, I am grateful.

Regina Wood-Glass

Mount Shasta