Letters to the editor: Our Country's tears ...

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

From where I sit watching what is going on in our country I am stunned, I am so so very sad.

Having participated all my life in protests and marches, civil disobedience and now here, at my age in Siskiyou County, I am old and I am so very tired. Still, I tell myself, we are watching the pain of our history once again, we are waiting for change, enormous changes, and as I now see a whole new generation of activists take to the streets I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.

The mantle has been passed and now it’s time for us to follow with every fiber of our being we’ve got left. Sometimes, in my worst moments, I think “what is there worth saving anymore;” burn it all to the ground so that from the ashes will rise a new hope grounded in dignity, equality and most of all love.

Sometimes, it is said one can build from what stands and I can’t help but think one can never build from a weak foundation. This country was built on a weak foundation of subjugation and slavery. Nothing good could have possibly ever come from this ... and we are seeing now – this is so true.

Last Fall it seemed the whole world was literally on fire with firestorms. Now the world is on fire in our bellies and from our hearts that seems to reflect nature’s call for peace.

Marni Wroth

Mount Shasta