Letters to the editor: For Betancourt

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Elizabeth Betancourt believes in our collective ability to address the challenges at hand and those to come. She believes that we can find solutions that meet all our goals, not just one side over another.

She practiced this approach throughout many years of helping local jurisdictions to negotiate watershed management through the state’s Integrated Regional Water Management effort. She helped to bring millions of dollars to organizations throughout our communities.

She has years of experience advocating for rural values at the state legislature. She understands how to protect our communities from ill-conceived proposals and ensuring that our important organizations and programs get the funding they need to succeed.

As a small business owner in the rural north state, she believes that small businesses make our rural economy strong. She, like most small business owners, has found that state regulatory requirements are applied without consideration of business size, practice, or number of people served. This one-size-fits-all regulatory solution is hampering the development of small businesses.

Rather than complaining about the evils of big government, over regulations and how the government infringes on our freedoms like Megan Dahle does, Elizabeth will work to streamline the hiring process and cut the red tape that makes it more expensive for our rural businesses to operate. Elizabeth is committed to building a people-driven economy for rural California.

Elizabeth will be able to work with the Democratic majority to make government regulations fit small businesses. Her colleagues will see her unbiased values and honesty. She will get things done compared to returning Megan Dahle to the state assembly.

We need to give Elizabeth the opportunity to share her solutions that will enhance our rural economy. Please vote for Elizabeth Betancourt this November.

Teresa Brown