Letters to the editor: Contain the virus

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

This week I was driving by Bel Air Park in Weed and was astounded by the number of people at the Bocci Ball courts where people were playing the game in most of the rows without masks and social distancing. It was my understanding that groups are to be limited and masks/social distancing are required by the state to prevent the spread of COVID.

Many of the participants were older. This was irresponsible behavior and very disrespectful for the safety concern for people you interact with. This is a concern for the safety of our whole community. This virus is spreading and we have limited ICU beds and other medical necessities required to battle this virus. By ignoring the mask and not distancing these people are risking the health of others. If everyone wants this nightmare COVID to stop we must all do our part and protect others and ourselves by wearing a mask and social distancing.

I request the City of Weed address this issue and realize the together we can contain this deadly virus by wearing a mask and distancing. Why risk our citizens unnecessarily? Please take this seriously! We are getting invaded by out of town tourists and passer through people which increases the risk even more ... this effort takes all of us!

Marcie Rey