Letters to the Editor: Climate change denier

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

I received an email from Rep. Doug LaMalfa today that included this statement:

“As you are likely aware, the earth has historically been both much warmer and cooler than current temperatures solely due to natural causes. No amount of government regulations will change the natural variability of our climate. Thus, I am focused on making sure we have balanced laws that protect our environment from serious harm, while allowing the freedom to produce and improve the lives of Americans.”

In other words, Mr. LaMalfa is a climate change denier. The climate crisis we face today is not due to “natural causes.” Climate scientists today report that our fossil fuel use is increasing global warming and the climate crisis exponentially, far and away more than any natural cycles (which occur over millennia, not a few decades). If we truly want to “improve the lives of Americans,” we’ll have to make big changes in the way we live as a society – and stop denying the crises we face.

Please don’t let this climate denier – and corporate apologist – continue in office!

If you value human life – and our beautiful land – vote for Audrey Denney in November.

Molly Brown

Mount Shasta