Letters to the Editor: Get the engine painted

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Thank you, Cheryl Petty, for bringing attention to the effort underway to refurbish the 1727 locomotive! That poor old thing has been an eyesore and a sad testimony for a long time to Dunsmuir’s supposed historic railroad town heritage.

It was so great to see that the beautiful Alexander Dunsmuir Fountain has been restored, as well as the sign that welcomes visitors to some of the choicer spots in town. It seems like the worn out train engine and tender plus the shoddy-looking fence located right next to the new updated sign contradicts the notion of “Come and see Dunsmuir’s lush and peaceful places that we’re so proud of.”

The improvements to the 1727 and its immediate space mentioned in the article sound really cool; and it looks like “Friends of the 1727” have put a lot of thought into it.

Way to go! This is gonna be a fun thing to see happen. If there’s gonna be a thermometer thing or updates or something like that, it’ll be so awesome to watch!

Bruce Petty would be proud.

Julie Signor