Letters to the editor: Protecting seniors

Staff Writer
Siskiyou Daily News

Audrey Denney believes we have a duty to take care of our seniors. Social Security and Medicare are two government programs vital to seniors. Social Security works because more than 99% of Social Security revenues go toward benefits and less than 1% to overhead. She will stand against any attempt to take money away from hardworking seniors and families who paid into these systems their entire lives. Audrey will protect Social Security and Medicare. We can’t break our promises.

Trump has no problem breaking promises. At an April 29, 2020 press conference Trump said “I like the idea of payroll tax cuts. I’ve liked that from the beginning and that was a thing that I really would love to see happen.” Payroll tax cuts would defund Social Security and Medicare, which is what Trump and Doug LaMalfa want.

Audrey Denney will defend Social Security and Medicare against Republican attacks and work to ensure they remain solid benefits our seniors can count on now and in the future. She will protect these programs from Republican politicians.

LaMalfa wants to end Social Security for future generations. He believes that each person must have the freedom to save or not save for their retirement using the stock market. He doesn’t appreciate that many of us are living paycheck to paycheck and we have no money to gamble in the stock market. LaMalfa wants privatization, which will worsen, not improve Social Security’s finances.

Who do you think will protect Social Security and Medicare, Audrey Denney or Doug LaMalfa? You have to make your choice this November. Choose wisely because your retirement financial security is at stake.

Holly Lenz