OPINION: Weed's mayor urges kindness

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Oh my, I told you I though I would only be writing a few community letters. I ended up with at least a half dozen. Then we slowly started to open up our businesses and people started moving around. We were doing so well, we were social distancing, we were keeping only 50% of the people in a building then things started to go sideways. We are back to to-go in our restaurants. Our governor is requesting people wear a mask. Some counties are back to hairstylists being shut down again. Oh my stars!

What we need to remember with all this is to still be kind. It makes me sad to see all the meanness in people come out at this time. We are all stressed, we are all worried, we are all trying to just survive. Some people have trust in the governor and diligently wear their mask. Some people don’t have that trust, they don’t wear a mask. We can all still be kind. If you see someone wearing their mask show kindness. They have a reason that they need it. The same goes for those who choose not to wear one. They may have a reason for not wearing one. We certainly can keep our distance. Six feet is what I see recommended. No one knows what others reasons are, we don’t walk in their shoes. My heart aches for our citizens whose jobs depend on food service. So let’s, again, try to support our local businesses: Montgomery’s, Ellie’s, Hi-Lo, Pizza Factory, Phet’s Kitchen, Subway ... take some lunch or dinner home!

I had the pleasure of meeting the new superintendent/principal of Weed Elementary School at a Rotary Club meeting last week. He seems to be a nice man ready to take on the task of educating our students and helping our community to have positive, hardworking children. He and his staff are working on the best way to open our school safely or to educate our children at home. Whichever seems to be the best way.

As most of use can see to the north, fire season has started. That should be a reminder to al of us to clear our property of dry weeds and grass. Our fire department is trying to get notices out to property owners, but that takes time. So if you own an empty lot, this is the time to get it cleaned up. Start early in the morning before the heat!

Our City Hall is open now. Limited hours, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Monday through Thursday only. And they are asking that only one person be in the lobby at a time. Our city manager anticipates less taxes with the shut downs so our staff has taken a 10% pay cut, which has them working four days a week.

Now is the time, again to be a friend. Check on the neighbor, do a kind deed for someone. I am proud to call Weed California my home. I am proud of our community and the hardworking people that also call Weed home. Let’s keep up the good work!

Mayor Sue Tavalero