Letters to the editor: 2-4-9 locomotive?

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

I have just received my copy of the July 8 issue of the “News” in the mail. I noted the piece on page A6 relating to the historic steam locomotive #1727. The article suggests donations are being collected for the repainting of the locomotive.

This piece caught my eye as I have deep family roots in Dunsmuir and had my first visit there some 80 years ago in the “roaring steam age.”

I was giving some consideration to a donation to the cause, however a couple of items came into question:

1. The article suggests 1727 is a 2-4-9 configuration. To my untrained eye, viewing the photograph of the engine in the article, it does not appear to be such a configuration.

2. And, more importantly, the article states that “The Friends of Locomotive 1727 is a non-profit charitable corporation ...” The IRS records for non-profit/charitable organizations do not list such a corporation. should the article have indicated that any donations are not tax deductible?

Perhaps some clarification is in order? If someone provides me an IRS EIN for this activity, I may consider a donation.

Brad Sage

Lafayette, Calif.