Letters to the editor: About the locomotive

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

The Friends of Locomotive #1727 is a fictitious name registered under the Dunsmuir Steam Institute and was published in this paper a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately, there were several errors in the article by mistake. The 1727 is a Southern Pacific Class M-6 Mogul (2-6-0) built by Baldwin in 1901. Rebuilt by SP’s Sacramento Shops in the 1920s. It was donated to Dunsmuir in 1957.

Thanks for the super support from the community since we launched our fundraising campaign earlier this month. Exciting things are planned. Not only a new paint job and attractive welded fence, but also landscaping and amenities for the public to enjoy this great Dunsmuir landmark.

Cheryl Petty, Treasurer, F of L