Letters to the editor: Graceful upgrades

Staff Writer
Mount Shasta Herald

Find graceful upgrades! You can help.

I laughed peacefully in a small native village. Consider grace in your life. For example, what should we/you do about schooling and our youth? Yeah, tough.

Relax with grace. Revisit a few times during the week. Then ask a few folks, young and old, about grace. Listen. Feel its lightness and ease. In the village, kids learn from the bottom up, choosing. The local culture optimizes its life by raising happy and free-thinking souls. Survival problem need the widest range of solution ideas. Why so happy?

Healthy schools nurture space for individual responsibility. Graceful opportunity to engage in upgrading life is a key component for enhancing learning, identity, and mastery. It’s like side-stepping the separation of church and state, empowering youth in their developing beliefs and courage.

Unto each day is there a rhythm? Do something graceful! Contemplate grace, spell it out nice and slow with eyes closed. Listen for its voice to your day. It is a profound balance and beauty that fills all learning and raises our attitudes to the joyful disciplines of our dreams. Oops, maybe I’ve said too much! It is the laughter of our sharing that we so dearly miss at times. Living with grace, it’s not difficult when your culture is embedded in it.

Welcome upgrades! Look from home to city hall and in the structure of your attitudes and efforts, with grace, as we build safety, support and inspiration for people in these tumultuous times. Anybody can notice an upgrade. “Why don’t they ... I wish we ... wouldn’t it be better if ... ?”

Our communities need your graceful input. Our youth give us laughter and joy. Help them find meaningful upgrades. Move forward in TLC, variously known as teaching/learning/celebrating.

Example: Palaces for the People interview https://99percentinvisible.org/episode/palaces-for-t .

Dave Bruce