13 Lovely Cinemagraphs That Will Make You Permanently Give Up Regular Old GIFs

Walter Hickey

Cinemagraphs are a subset of .gif files that are high quality, smoothly looped, and just downright gorgeous. 

A ton of outstandingly creative people have worked hard to create these pictures, and you can really tell based on how wonderful they look in motion.

Reddit's /r/Cinemagraphs subreddit has one of the definitive collections of the images online, an active community of original content creators that design these intricate pictures.

We wanted to put a spotlight on some of these amazing works of art, so here's a look at some of the best original content from the sub.

Once you've seen these, regular GIFs will just seem boring.

Check them out:

1. The Storm by qnnplmr

2. Burney Falls, CA by kukamunga

3. A local India pale ale, by raffytraffy

4. A scene from Seven Psychopaths, by eatrob

5. Campfire by baztastic 

6. Manhattan Bound by butter_bee 

7. The cash counting machine from Breaking Bad by grahvity

8. Stephen Colbert, deep in thought, by LukeNuk3m

9. A flowing river by BigMurph26. Cinemagraphs of water look fantastic. 

10. Shimmering Beach by BigMurph26

11. Emperor Penguin Chicks by BristolBudgie

12. Mordor by vampipe

13. Fireworks by m0nkei

Check out the full Cinemagraphs subreddit here > 

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