Oprah Hijacks 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' To Give Away A Car

Kirsten Acuna

Oprah Winfrey went on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to discuss new movie "Lee Daniels' The Butler" out Friday.

In the film, Oprah plays the wife of Cecil Gaines (Forest Whitaker) a butler who served for eight presidents in the White House.

In the middle of her interview, Oprah abruptly stopped to bring a young woman down from the audience. She then proceeded to mock the famous giveaways from her previous ABC talk show and give away a donated car from Ford.

According to TV Guide, the Jimmy Kimmel team came up with the idea for Oprah to mock her famous season 19 moment from nearly a decade ago.

"She [Oprah] liked the idea that she was overcome with this affliction, and that she had to shake it out of her system," said Molly McNearney, one of the head writers on Jimmy Kimmel. "She just wanted to randomly select someone. So she did."

Here's school teacher Britney's reaction to hearing she received a car:

Kimmel's reaction is great, too.

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