Spike Lee Reaches $1.25 Million Kickstarter Goal

Kirsten Acuna

It's taken less than a month, but Spike Lee hassurpassed his Kickstarter goal of $1.25 million for his next project.

The 56-year-old filmmaker recorded a video thanking everyone who supported his project currently titled "The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint." 

His next movie will be a "new kind of love story" that's "funny, sexy and bloody."

Lee received a lot of criticism after launching his Kickstarter campaign with many saying he was taking money away from young filmmakers who use the resource and suggesting he has never backed anyone on the site, and therefore, doesn't deserve to be backed.

"This is not necessarily new to me, going out there and trying to rally the troops, trying to mobilize the community. The budget for 'She's Gotta Have It' was $175,000, but we never had that money in one lump sum. I was making phone calls, I was writing letters, I was showing up at people's homes."Lee responded to the criticism by saying he's been doing Kickstarter before it existed.

"Malcolm X, we knew that when we started shooting we did not have enough money to finish the film. I knew it, Warner Bros. knew it … There came a point where the money ran out, and, consequently, the bond company took over the movie."

As a result, Lee called up stars ranging from Bill Cosby to Prince, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jordan to help him donate the funds to finish the film.

"The last time I self financed a film was 'Red Hook Summer.' This misconception that Spike Lee does not put his own money in my films is … ludicrous."

Watch his entire response below:

Lee has until August 21 to raise more funds. 

Those who pledged money received a lot of goodies.

Among the best: 

$20: Watch a special screening online opening weekend with behind-the-scenes updates.

$50: A "Jim Brown: All American" poster autographed by Spike Lee

$100: Inside Man poster autographed by Spike Lee

$100: Michael Jackson "Bad 25" documentary Blu-ray signed by Spike Lee

$150: "Malcolm X" poster signed by Spike Lee

$250: Two tickets to the premiere of Lee's new film in NYC, L.A., or Chicago

$500: Phone call with Lee OR autographed Nikes worn by Lee.

$1,000: You can be an extra in the new film.

$10,000: One of the four flags from the opening credits of "Malcolm X." 

From Lee: "To Me This Is The Best Reward We Have Had So Far. You Slow, You Blow. You Snooze, You Lose. Again Only 4 Exist In This World. Denzel And I Are Not Giving Ours Up. Thank You. Please Give This Serious Consideration."

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