The Biggest Crowdfunding Project Ever Is For ... A Linux Smartphone?!

Dylan Love

The Ubuntu Edge, a Linux-powered smartphone, can officially lay claim to being the highest-grossing crowdfunding project to date.

At the time of this writing, it's raised over $10.4 million, ousting the Pebble smartwatch's $10.2 million. There are still six days to go as the Edge team aims for its $32 million goal.

The phone runs on Ubuntu's mobile OS and will be able to dual-boot into Android as well. This makes it a perfect device for someone who's especially not a fan of iOS.

Given the time remaining and the ~$22 million left to raise, it doesn't appear that they'll hit the goal. The campaign promises "zero cost to backers if the campaign is unsuccessful."

Take a look at the video pitch below and check out the campaign here.

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