'The Famous Jett Jackson' Disney Star Dead At 29 Of Apparent Suicide

Aly Weisman

Actor Lee Thompson Young, who played the title role on Disney's "The Famous Jett Jackson," is dead at age 29 after an apparent suicide.

"Sources tell us Young's body was discovered with a gun shot wound that appears to be self-inflicted," reports TMZ, who broke the story.

Young currently plays Detective Barry Frost on the TNT show "Rizzoli & Isles" and after he didn't show up for work this morning, staffers called the actor's landlord to check up on him.

"When the landlord opened the door," reports TMZ, "he discovered Young's body."

Young also starred as Chris Comer in the 2004 film "Friday Night Lights" and played Alex Bauer on the TV series "South Beach."

Watch Young as Jett Jackson below:

"Bachelor" contestant Gia Allemande also committed suicide just last week. Like Young, she was also 29.

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